We work together with passionate local leaders to help them be change agents in their communities. We believe this is the most effective approach to global mission, because they understand the heartbeat of their communities, and know the unique challenges and opportunities that exist in them. Our role is not to tell them what to do, but to support their initiatives and help build their capacity. Sharing and working together as equals is what enables our projects to create ongoing change.
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We partner with people in 11 nations, including Australia. Use the interactive map to discover life-changing initiatives, and click on the projects to hear stories, meet local leaders, and find out how you can join in supporting them.

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The GMP family

We’re committed to changing lives for the better through holistic solutions. We believe that there isn’t just one way to connect people and bring positive change. 
That’s why we have a family of programs committed to creating life-changing partnerships through the following areas: 

Church Partnerships

Connecting churches and people across nations to support, encourage and resource the work of the gospel through local churches.

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Relief and Development

Holistic Emergency Relief and long-term Community Development implemented through local partners, who work as agents of change in their communities.

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Indigenous Ministries

Partnering with and among Australian Indigenous people and encouraging new directions with Indigenous Christian Ministries.

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Community of Young People

A national community of young people, living out global mission together, through prayer, advocacy, and fundraising.

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