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The Power of Partnership and Prayer

Wednesday, 3 April 2024

I was fortunate enough to visit one of our incredible NSW church partners in March. Hurstville Church of Christ is located in the centre of the fast-growing suburb of Hurstville, as is their heart for local mission.

It was such a pleasure to sit with Tanwin and listen to how they connect with their local community.

Hurstville is a multicultural area, with 47% of the population having a Chinese background. The church provides English classes and playgroups and partners with other churches to run a community meal called ‘Our Meal Soul Food’.

Something that Tanwin said really warmed my heart. “Instead of trying to do things in our own strength, we pray and see where God is at work. Then we follow the call there,” he shared. “It usually happens organically, and it is often easier and more fruitful work when you join in with what God is already doing.”

It was a privilege to spend some time praying together. The church has long supported Global Mission Partners—specifically Indigenous Ministries Australia, International Church Partnerships and Christian Mercy International in South Sudan.

Thank you for keeping GMP in your prayers. God moves powerfully through partnerships and prayer. If you would like your church to partner with us in prayer, please email me at carly@gmp.org.au

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