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Volunteering doesn't simply have to be about stamping envelopes and running coffees, GMP believes that volunteers can be central to the work we do... 

We believe volunteering and the stewardship of the time and skills God has given us is one way of participating in global mission. We would love to chat with you and work out a role that matches your skills with GMP's needs.


  • GMP Adelaide Office – administration and correspondence
  • Community of Young People (embody)


  • Gnyan Sampada Residential School - teaching and support roles 


  • Ranwadi Church of Christ College, Pentecost - teaching and maintenance
  • Londua Technical College, West Ambae - teaching and maintenance
  • Sugar Cane Lodge 'The Transit' and Office, Santo - maintenance including tiling, painting & plumbing
  • Medical Santo (GMP associate partner) is in urgent need of volunteer medical staff of all professions for short term working trips offering humanitarian medical aid in Luganville, Santo, Vanuatu. Go to their website for further details.


  • Medical and Social Services
  • Bright Solutions Intern in Vietnam - social work
  • Bright Solutions Distributor in Australia - promotions and sales

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