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Zimbabwe Conservation Farming

Many people in Masvingo, Zimbabwe are losing their livelihoods. Local farmers are being forced to migrate due to droughts, storms, floods and other threats caused by a changing climate. These changes have meant that many places traditionally suitable for farming, now lack the natural resources to provide food security or for farmers to earn a sustainable income.

Forced displacement puts people in vulnerable positions. With less opportunities for agriculture-based livelihoods people can be forced into work situations that exploit them. Youth and able men often migrate to South Africa looking for work. They are often taken advantage of in many of these employment situations. This also leaves their families - women, children and elderly people more vulnerable. People who already are disadvantaged due to poverty, gender, age, and disability, are particularly affected.

The Zimbabwe Conservation Farming project will help vulnerable people gain sustainable livelihoods and food security. Implemented by our local partner Christian Care, in partnership with Act for Peace, the project will provide farming training and livestock to people to start or grow their own small-scale farms.

The project will help improve their farms productivity to ensure they can earn a reliable income to live off. Your support will help provide training in sustainable farming, as well as practical needs to help make their farming productive. Training in sustainable farming methods helps ease the environmental impacts of farming and empowers people with knowledge about agriculture.

The project will help boost communities’ resilience and ability to adapt to the threats posed by climate change. At a time where displacement is at a global high, creating sustainable incomes through agriculture will also help stop people being forced to move to find employment.

Your support of the Zimbabwe Conservation Farming project will help give the most vulnerable food security, sustainable livelihoods and climate resilience.


Christian Care’s Conservation Farming Project is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).


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