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South Sudan Famine Appeal Update

Thursday, 14 December 2017

In February 2017 a famine was declared in parts of South Sudan. The effects of the famine are further exacerbated due to inter-communal violence, economic decline, disease, and climatic shocks, which have led to displacement, distress, destitution and death. 

GMP, through the ACT Alliance, is part of a global response to the South Sudan famine. In South Sudan, people are being provided with immediate relief and will be assisted with seeds, farming tools and other resources so that in time families can supply their own food. The key response sectors are Food Security, Nutrition, Emergency Health, Protection & Psychosocial Support, seeds and tools. 

Details of the response are on the ACT Alliance website

In the interim report ACT Alliance detail the activities being undertaken by the various members.  Progress is slow due to due to armed conflict, economic crisis, and below average harvests that were exhausted well before the ongoing lean season but they have been able to assist some 4.7 million people (target is 6.2million). 

Here is a story told by an ACT Alliance partner (Christian Aid) from northern Bar el Ghazal – the region where GMP has some of its projects

Read Agor’s Story

The response from GMP supporters has been phenomenal with over $AUD165,000 raised from 294 individuals and 55 churches.  This is a significant amount. Thankyou so much for you generosity in humanitarian assistance to those in greatest need.

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