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Let’s Bring Change through Safe Water

Showers of Blessing was established by BJ Mpofu and leaders of the Associated Churches of Christ in Zimbabwe in 2007 to provide assistance with food distribution, the drilling and installation of boreholes, wells and the establishing of income generating projects. Its goal is to support people to become self-sustaining in a very challenging economy. A borehole makes a huge impact on a village in a rural area. 
Because of Showers of Blessing, the water now comes to us!

Access to Safe Water

Installation of a borehole provides safe water and reduces diseases like cholera and dysentery. Safe water means that dams and dirty water holes can be dedicated to livestock, rather than people using them also for drinking. Access to safe water means that a greater variety of vegetables can be grown, improving nutrition for people with HIV/Aids while also providing small incomes. Community members regularly express how the project has benefited them in terms of personal hygiene creating better opportunities for bathing, washing hands, cleaning and doing laundry. Wells have stimulated school gardens, community gardens, an irrigation scheme, and a whole new village with a shop, a grain mill, school and church.

Empowering Local Communities

The local communities in rural Zimbabwe organise the labour for construction of the concrete apron around the borehole and form a management committee to manage the use of the borehole.  As it is most often women who fetch water in Zimbabwe, the project gives them back time for other activities and they often take a place of leadership  on the borehole committees.

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Showers of Blessing's project is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). 

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Meet The Locals

Boniface Mpofu

Boniface Mpofu

I am the Project Director and I assess each request for a well and work with the local community to identify the best location for installation. Together we establish a committee that will be responsible for the well. The opening of a well is a day of great rejoicing!

Empowering Women

Empowering Women

Women are encouraged to partake in the decision-making process and management of water bore installations in their villages and many of the community committees are comprised of women. Both men and women share in the responsibilities of bore maintenance. 

Hlanganani Msimanga (Ntando)

Hlanganani Msimanga (Ntando)

I work as a field officer and a great part of my activities involve getting to know people during baseline surveys finding out information about the community. It is always a great joy to hear their stories and see the progression from desperation to dignity once water, a basic need, is given to them and other activities like nutritional gardens then follow. My passion is always to empower people and water has an amazing way of doing that for the communities we assist.

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