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Transformed at Gandep

Monday, 2 June 2014

Timothy, quiet by nature, was one of the young men chosen to go to Gandep Bible College in 2011. This is his testimony.

"I did not go to a big school but I've been at Gandep for Bible College for three years. It is here that I saw God's strength.

I was a person characterized by shame. When many men and women were present, I did not talk. I did not easily tell God's story. I also did not pray in a crowd. But I went to Gandep Bible College and the shyness and shame that was in me before left me.

One time my Bible College lecturers spoke to me about doing some practical work in another viallage. The people at that village had been away from God for 12 years. I went and lived with them, worked among them and shared God's Word. And again they came back to God. That is where I saw God's strength at work. 

Now, by God's strength, I habitually do the things that I could not do before."

Pray that God will use TImothy and other Bible College students to bring many more villages back to God.

Martha Wade, Pioneer Bible Translators

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