2023 News

Inextinguishable Passion

Wednesday, 1 March 2023

Dear Friends,

Since joining Global Mission Partners, I have enjoyed spending time with the team, Board and partners, learning from their stories, reflecting on our shared vision for lives transformed through partnership and being inspired by the inextinguishable passion for mission and justice. God is clearly bringing new life to many through our partnerships.

Of course, none of us were expecting the earthquake which shook southern Türkiye and northern Syria early in February. Heartbreakingly, 45,000 people were lost in the devastation and over 1 million people became homeless at the onset of winter. Thankfully, the global aid community were swift to respond, and our Christian partner agencies through the ACT Alliance were on the ground providing relief within days of the disaster. Thank you to all who donated generously and sacrificially to this appeal - amidst significant suffering, your gifts are bringing great comfort.

As always, our Christian hope is a resurrected one. We believe and know that out of pain comes new life. We believe this for all our ICP and COCOA partners working endlessly amidst difficult circumstances, whether it’s promoting peace in South Sudan, educating vulnerable people in India, providing safe water in Zimbabwe or preparing communities for disasters in Vanuatu - our partners are daily bringing new life where there is hardship. Your support is gratefully making that possible.

Indigenous Ministries Australia (IMA) is also preparing for new birth. We are prayerfully listening to our Indigenous friends for ways to participate in the Voice to Parliament process, which I believe will be a significant moment in our national history. We hope to launch new resources to help us take part in these discussions thoughtfully and faithfully.

As I serve GMP’s vision going forward, my hope is that we will be refreshed by Jesus’ call to love God and love our neighbour. Christian love for the vulnerable and our faith in God should provide the footing we need to navigate the challenges ahead. My desire is for GMP to continue being a highly trusted NGO and facilitator of Christian mission - internationally as well as nationally among our Indigenous partners and friends.

Lastly, I also wish to celebrate John Gilmore’s significant contribution to the Global Mission Partners story and gratefully receive the baton of servant leadership passed on from him.

In faith,

John Lamerton, Executive Officer

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