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ICCM Plan for an Exciting Future

Wednesday, 2 August 2023

One of the newest partners for the International Church Partnerships (ICP) program is the International Christian College of Manila (ICCM). They have persevered through difficult circumstances; surviving pandemic lockdown in Manila, Philippines. Now they are planning for an exciting future.

ICCM are currently renting and desires to have a facility of its own. In a generous gesture, a church member gave them land! So, after the legal process is observed ICCM will build purpose-made facilities on their new land.

Recently, ten students graduated from ICCM. They were studying to be pastors, but also to have another profession, such as teaching. This is crucial in the Philippines, where most churches can only afford to employ a part-time pastor.

A faculty member, Gerwin Castillo, writes:

“The students were conferred with a bachelor’s degree in Theology. The graduation was well attended by the parents of the students, neighbouring churches, friends and partners in the ministry. Many students will do practical evangelism and outreach ministry while the college is on vacation. Thank you very much for your devoted support and partnership with ICCM.”

Thank you for your support. It helps people persevere in sometimes difficult circumstances. It gives them solid hope for the future.

Find out more about the International Christian College of Manila (ICCM) at www.gmp.org.au/iccm

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