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From Abandonment to Aspiration

Wednesday, 2 August 2023

Buhle’s mother abandoned her as a toddler. The landlord found her in their home alone and took her to Khayelihle Children’s Village (KCV). This tragic event marked the beginning of a transformative journey for Buhle.

GMP Relief and Development partner KCV, in Zimbabwe, provides a safe and loving home for abandoned children like Buhle. At KCV, Buhle received shelter, care, and an education. The village covered all her educational expenses, including school fees, books, and uniforms. KCV gave her a home filled with love and support.

Growing up at KCV shaped Buhle’s character. The village’s nurturing environment had a profound impact on her. Learning about God at KCV has provided comfort and solace while navigating difficult moments. “I think if I had stayed with my original family, I may never have known God. Knowing God helps me when I think life is difficult,” Buhle said.

Now 21 years old, Buhle says, “KCV has brought me up to be who I am today. I have become a young woman who loves people and respects other people”.

The support received at KCV has enabled her to pursue her further studies. She enrolled at Polytec in 2020 and aspires to a career in hospitality and tourism.

Buhle is studying tourism and hospitality management. She has enjoyed exploring various aspects of the industry. “The bar section, waitressing, the kitchen, the accounts and marketing department.” Buhle aspires to work in catering.

Reflecting on her journey so far, Buhle says, “Me personally, I think it has been the best for me. The best home I have experienced in my life”. She also credits God with enriching her life in many ways. Faith has played an essential role in shaping her personal development. “The Bible teaches us to love people and reminds me of the most important things in life.”

The nurturing she received from KCV has shaped her into the fine young woman she is today. “I am from people that can nurture someone, they can build up someone to be a better person,” she said.

Buhle’s story shows the transformative power of a loving home.

She is ready to face the world with confidence and determination. Buhle’s experiences have shaped From Abandonment to Aspiration her into a compassionate young woman. She will make a lasting, positive impact on the lives of many.

You can sponsor a child and help children like Buhle to reach their true potential.

Would you like to partner with children that have lost parents or extended family through war, disease or poverty? Or whose parents have given them up in the hope that someone else has the resources to raise them? Your gift of $40 a month will ensure that vulnerable children receive care and education through Khayelihle Children’s Village in Zimbabwe or Emmanuel Children’s Program in South Sudan. With your support these children can look forward to a bright future and reconnection with extended family. Please contact the GMP office for more information. Free Call 1800 467 222, scan the QR code or visit www.gmp.org.au/ childsponsorship

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