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Blessing Women in the Community

Wednesday, 5 April 2023

Nirmala leads the women’s ministry at Vuci Road church in Nausori, Fiji. Every Wednesday the women meet to chat, read from God’s word and support one another. Sometimes women come from distant villages to join the group, and both Fijian and Indo-Fijian women take part. Nirmala is blessed by the stories of the ladies coming to know Christ and helping them in their discipleship journey and walk with Jesus.

There was one moment particularly, where Nirmala and her neighbour were discussing how to encourage more women to attend the group. So, her neighbour just started inviting women to come. “Women who didn’t know the Lord,”, said Nirmala. “In the beginning some of the ladies were not interested. When Sunday comes, they say, “I will come,” but when the time comes on Wednesday when the women's ministry gathers together, some women, they don’t come.”

Despite this challenge, the invitation from Nirmala’s neighbour continued, and 10 to 15 women started to regularly attend. When the women were asked to give their testimonies, they said, “We were not willing to come here… When we came here, our heart was blessed… the Lord has brought us here.”. Nirmala and her neighbour were encouraged.

“It is good for us that the Lord is doing miraculous things. Good things in the women’s ministry,” Nirmala said., “They have the Lord’s love in their hearts. When they come here, they are happy.”

The women’s ministry has continued to share in the blessings of Jesus, with Nirmala’s children encouraging the women to memorize scripture. The Vuci Road church members also enjoy the partnerships with other churches in Australia, who send teams to visit them in Fiji. “Some women had backslid in their belief and heard that people were coming to visit the church, so they came to hear and were blessed,” Nirmala said.

The women's ministry has received encouragement and has grown in their knowledge and love for God. Nirmala is blessed by all the things God is doing in their church community. She says, “It’s good news”.”

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