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A Lot of Life Happening within a “Tin Shed”

Wednesday, 6 December 2023

When Pastor Matt Destry planned a visit to Mumbai, India, he organised a visit to Hosanna Ministries. He travelled with his daughter, Lucy. They wanted to go and see the work happening in the Prakash Tekadi Slum and return home with new inspiration for the church’s mission projects.

Discovery Church supported the Prakash Tekadi Community Building project earlier this year through their Vision Offering. Their partnership helped support the 180 families living in extreme poverty near the Ambernath rubbish tip.

Matt and Lucy met our Relief and Development partner, Danny Gaikwad. The Hosanna project coordinators and teachers showed them around the Emmanuel Children's Centre. Matt described it as “a basic tin shed in the middle of the slum – but a lot of life is happening there!” 

Lucy, a high school student, enjoyed the tour. “The Christian education system that they have implemented in the slum community was really impactful to see, and I’m sure I will never forget it,” she said.

“We were not there to do anything,” Matt said, “but to rather observe the work being done.”

The kindness, trust and dedication of the teachers impressed Matt. Amid “people doing it tough,” there is a team that “wholeheartedly encourage, support, educate and train others,” he said.

“Projects like the day-care, computer lab and sewing classes are all doing amazing work in and around the community, and to see all of it was a real privilege,” shared Lucy. 

The visit deepened Matt and Lucy's understanding of the complex issues of poverty. They listened to stories of transformation. Learning from Hosanna Ministries was “both a blessing and a privilege,” Matt said. 

“It seems like a beautiful and gentle approach to mission,” he reflected.

Matt and Lucy carried this experience home to Discovery Church, where they are implementing support and community-building programs through Discovery Community Care.

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