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A Gift with Purpose: Maintain a Motorcycle

Wednesday, 1 November 2023

Churches located in rural Zimbabwe are remote and difficult to access by foot. Pastors and evangelists walk very long distances to serve their many congregations. These long walks create hardship rather than joy, distracting them from caring for their communities.

Imagine how significant it is for the pastors to receive word of four new motorcycles!

Global Mission Partners is helping to equip pastors and evangelists in rural Zimbabwe to minister in their local setting. One way to do this has been to provide motorcycles and maintenance.

When Pastor Mahlangu received a motorcycle, he realised he could plant more churches. He has already shown remarkable leadership overseeing four churches. With passion for preaching and a heart for evangelism, it is no surprise that he has opened a fifth church.

Likewise, Pastor Magunga has a vision to expand his current congregation, from one to five churches by the end of this year. So far, he has used his motorcycle to establish two new preaching points in Pretoria and Nil Mine.

Pastor Ndlovu has been serving his area since 2003. Being an experienced evangelist, thousands of people are guided by his spiritual leadership. He is a compassionate and committed leader, mentoring and training many lay preachers. One practical way he uses his motorcycle is to visit the sick in his many congregations. Pastor Ndlovu ensures that members are cared for.  

With the help of his motorcycle, Pastor Masuku leads eight churches. 

His focus is to train preachers to provide more intellectual spiritual nourishment. He is finding that more people are receiving an education and need solid teaching. With a motorbike, Pastor Masuku can travel and train more people for ministry service.

The provision of a motorcycle might seem like a small gesture, but it is a gift with purpose. Travelling long distances no longer hinders these dedicated pastors and evangelists. They can share the good news with ease and provide pastoral care for many communities.

When you buy the Great Gift of Maintain a Motorcycle you will resource pastors and evangelists who have unwavering commitment and passion for the gospel. 

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