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Join an embody Mission Community

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

An embody Mission Community is a year-long leadership development opportunity where a group of young leaders, who are committed to their local ministry contexts, regularly meet to talk mission, support one another, receive intentional one-on-one coaching, and grow as a disciple of Jesus.

Maddy Brown, from our 2021 Mission Community cohort says, "It was helpful to spend dedicated time each month to consider and think about what leadership is, and what comes with it." Maddy was encouraged by the group sessions. "The connections you make throughout the year are so enriching." The group sessions are an important time to connect with people around the country. "Just listening to people share what they are doing was just so joyful to be a part of," Maddy said. The one-to-one sessions helped Maddy keep track and focus on her individual project.

embody Mission Community is one way to involve young people in mission and justice work. It will help lay the groundwork for you and your young people to flourish.

Maddy says, "For me, leadership is something that I’ve witnessed and then grown into. To spend time thinking about it intentionally, and what it means to lead and be a leader, was extremely helpful in moving forward in my own leadership development."

"Connecting with people who are passionate about the same things as you is validating, affirming, and is a great way to stay motivated in the times where it is hard to stay motivated,” Maddy said.

Find out how to apply for our 2022 Mission Community online at www.embody.org.au/mc/application  

If you have any questions, email Mitch at mitch@embody.org.au to start or continue a conversation.

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