2020 News

We Have Seen His Glory

Wednesday, 2 December 2020

“We have seen his glory!” exclaims John in the opening of his Gospel (1:14), “the glory as of a father's only son, full of grace and truth.” It is a heartfelt description of the coming of Jesus to dwell with us. This description of the incarnation has richer meaning at Christmas.

There could be no greater vulnerability than being parents on the road and far from home, in a time of Roman occupation and with – at best – rudimentary accommodation on offer. There was no special treatment for this young family.

This is God with us, in vulnerability and with a journey of growth and maturity to come. There is no dramatic time travel delivering an adult from heaven. Instead, there is God’s deep trust in Mary and Joseph and the people who surround them. 

This is our work – to do all we can to be the presence of Jesus in the midst of people’s vulnerability – supporting, resourcing and guiding. Creating space for growth so they can be strong and not dependent on others.

In our Christmas celebrations, let’s focus on the gift of Jesus and the opportunity we have to be with others, as God is with us.

Christmas Greetings to you from the Board and Staff of GMP.

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