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Thlaituah Income Generation

Let’s Bring Change through Livelihoods and Education

GMP has partnered with the Bandarban Hills Churches of Christ (BHCOC) since 2011, developing hostels for rural children to access education and more recently in broader community development projects.

Thlaituah Farm Initiative

Thlaituah, the new farm initiative of BHCOC, is underway with the harvesting and selling of ginger, turmeric and mangos. Thlaituah will create income to support the BHCOC hostels, which provide high school education, accommodation and a conducive study environment for over 80 students from some of the poorest, least developed and politically marginalised groups in Bangladesh.

Sustaining the BHCOC Hostels

The Thlaituah project will improve the sustainability of the hostels both financially and organisationally. The Thlaituah farmland adjoining Rwangchary hostel is being developed to provide an additional income stream. Thus far, this income has helped BHCOC to be more flexible with fees for children with a disability.  A sanitation project has brought piped water and simple toilets to one ethnic minority community. Overall the project provides participants with the opportunity to break the cycle of early drop-out from education which can result in many returning to subsistence farming, early marriage and sometime substance abuse. Hostel staff and children are being trained in areas of Child Protection and Disaster Risk Reduction.

We are currently designing a follow-on project to support community sustainability in the Bandarban Hills.

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Meet The Locals

Vana Bawm

Vana Bawm

I am the General Secretary of the Bardarban Hills Churches of Christ. As a visionary leader, I am keen to express God’s love in practical ways. Following in the footsteps of my evangelist father, I received bible training in India and returned to my native Bangladesh to share the good news of Jesus. So far, 16 churches have been planted with over 700 members. 

Hostel Managers

Hostel Managers

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