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Let's Bring change through quality education

For many years, Emmanuel Children’s Program has been providing care and education to many children who, due to the widespread violence in South Sudan, are dependent on the wider community to provide for their basic needs.

Though our local partner Christian Mercy International (CMI), you have supported holistic care for children who have lost their parents through the long unrest in their country.

The community arrange families for each of the orphaned children to live with. With the help of generous supporters over the years, the three phases of Emmanuel Children’s Program have been successful. Phase one was starting the school, which began with classrooms under several large trees. The second was building permanent school buildings. The third was ensuring some financial independence for the school. This has been achieved through government and other organisations taking responsibility for some of the ongoing costs of running the school. The World Food Program have taken over running the lunch program, and the government has taken responsibility for paying the teacher’s wages. Another initiative to help the school gain financial independence has been supplying goats to children’s caregivers. These goats provide an ongoing income that enables them to pay their children’s school fees and cover other education costs.

Building on the successful initiatives at Emmanuel School, we are now working to extend some of the strategies we learned at Emmanuel to ten other non-profit-making schools throughout the Aweil Region. Emmanuel will continue as part of this group. With you help, we can provide income support for Grade 1 students through supplying goats to their caregivers. We can increase the education level of teachers by supporting teachers who have not completed high school. We can also establish nutrition gardens to improve children’s health. With your help these initiatives can continue to be implemented at Emmanuel, and extended to the ten other schools.

Your support of the Children’s Education Program will help provide quality education to more children. It will help increase the wellbeing of many children, as the project reaches more schools and helps them to provide not only education, but good nutrition, care, and sustainable income.

Give today and bring real change to vulnerable children.

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Meet The Locals

Paulino Malou Bol Jok

Paulino Malou Bol Jok

I have big dreams for my people! After managing the Emmanuel Children project for three years, I established Christian Mercy International (CMI) a local faith-based organisation to coordinate more projects.

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