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Weaving a Self-Sustainable Life

Wednesday, 7 February 2024

Zingnun lives in the remote hills of Bangladesh. She has struggled to support her family due to her disability. Zingnun would weave wool to make blankets and other handicrafts to sell in her village. But her products looked like everyone else’s. She wasn’t making enough profit to support her family.

Zingnun’s life took a positive turn when she participated in handicrafts training through GMP Relief and Development partner, the Community Advancement Forum (CAF).

The Community Advancement Forum supports women and vulnerable farmers by providing handicraft marketing and design training. They create communal experiences to make blankets and to preserve traditional skills. They teach people business planning, which empowers them to sell their products for a better profit.  

After participating in the training, Zingnun said her “design became very unique and in high demand.” 

Our partners trained 60 women in 2023. They want to reach 1000 women and vulnerable farmers. This goal highlights how significant the need is for this life-changing training. 

Before the training, Zingnun earned a 15 percent profit on her products at the local market. Now, she is making 30 percent!

With newfound confidence and unique products, Zingnun can support her family. “It is very much supportive to my family,” she shared. 

You could help people like Zingnun. 

This year, you can help provide long-term stability for our partners. Regular support can empower people like Zingnun to create lasting change in their own lives. You can enable people like Zingnun to break free from the poverty cycle and be self-reliant.

There are many ways to give to Global Mission Partners. Please visit our website to learn more, or call us to discuss how your generosity can create a long-term impact for people like Zingnun this year.

Bangladesh CAF - Community Sustainability Program is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

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