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Creatively Sharing the Gospel in Indonesia

Wednesday, 5 June 2024

Whether through music production, construction projects, or innovative recycling ideas, students and graduates from the Christian Church Theological School of Indonesia (CCTSI) are finding creative ways to share the good news of Jesus. 

CCTSI offers theological training and ministry placements to develop the next generation of Christian leaders.

They focus on communities, especially in rural areas of Indonesia, that lack a Christian presence and may have never heard the gospel. CCTSI equips students with practical ministry skills and encourages them to develop a vocation alongside ministry, enabling them to serve communities and build relationships while sharing the gospel.

Hery Susanto, CCTSI Director, says, “These undertakings give them a chance to gain experience while ministering along the way, sharing the love of Christ. It keeps them busy and gives them good interaction with the local people”. 

Some students have been working on a music project to help reach the Bugis people of Sulawesi. This is one of Indonesia’s largest least reached people groups without the gospel. Other students have been helping to build fences and roads, install water tanks, or start sports like volleyball.


CCTSI graduates also live in the communities and help to teach the students how to communicate the gospel and create a sustainable ministry.  One graduate, now a pastor, uses painting, acting, and puppets during his sermons and messages. Apri, another graduate, has established a brick business and facilitates Bible studies. He also uses music.

A team is also based in Sulawesi and has created an innovative way to recycle old tyres, turning them into cosy seats! “They are hoping this new idea will be a hit with the local neighbours providing orders and increasing the team’s income,” Hery shared. One CCTSI student is learning the process of making recycled seats and hopes to train others.

Because of the presence and outreach of the CCTSI students and graduates, people attend local churches, receive Christ, and are baptised.

Hery reported that Apri who lives with the Bugis tribe, baptised two people in his community, “they were practising animism, worshipping idols in the hills,” Hery stated. After baptism, they said that their “new life in Christ is more precious than any other things in the world”.

Because of the student’s presence in villages, people understand the Word of God better. “Slow but surely, their character gradually changes,” Hery reflects. 

Your partnership helps support this important Christian outreach at CCTSI. Hery has asked for your prayer support so “they could keep developing ideas for reaching out.” 

International Church Partnerships (ICP) partners with CCTSI by funding students as they engage in practical ministry placements in and around Salatiga. Your support enables the student's evangelism and church planting to keep reaching people who have yet to accept the gospel.

Your support of our partners at CCTSI means they continue to receive opportunities to minister as they learn.

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