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A Better Future for Babita

Wednesday, 5 June 2024

When Pramod lost his job, he opened a small ironing shop to iron clothes for special events. Babita, his wife, desired to provide tailoring services to the customers. But she needed to improve her sewing skills first.

Babita lives with Pramod and their seven-year-old son in Yavatmal, a small town in central India. She has always been interested in sewing. However, had yet to pursue it while caring for her household. So, with Pramod now offering ironing services, this was the perfect time for Babita to enrol in a sewing class!

Our Relief and Development partner, Hosanna Ministries, provided vocational training for Babita. The training helps participants learn new sewing skills and gain confidence. It can help participants to find a job, start a business or pursue further education.

Many women in remote parts of India have limited or no access to good schools. With girls’ education not prioritised, many are married as children and never learn to read or write. This means they have limited options to help earn an income to support their families.

This is where Hosanna Ministries’ training can be transformational.

Thanks to the tailoring training, Babita finally learned how to, in her words, “stitch properly”. She started providing tailoring services in the shop with her husband.

Babita didn’t think she could be a successful tailor and business owner one day.

Babita purchased electric and foot pedal sewing machines and bought materials wholesale. She focused on designing and making clothes to sell rather than offering minor alterations. She learned in the training that this would provide a better profit.

Located on a busy street in Yavatmal, Babita and Pramod’s shop stands out. It is a small building with an iron sheet and wooden frame construction. Nestled between two large concrete structures. There is colourful signage and a display of sparkly, colourful threads. 

Babita showed us one of the clothes she was working on- a beautiful maroon top with gold trim.

Pramod sets his table at the front of the shop to iron customer’s clothes. Very few people own an iron in the community, so they pay Pramod for his ironing services. He uses a hot coal iron. His service gets very busy during the Indian festivals and weddings!

Babita and her husband are growing a successful business. 

Thanks to the Hosanna Ministries vocational training, Babita can now use her passion and skills to make a profit. She can contribute to the family income.

Together, providing a quality service that ensures their customers keep returning.

Hosanna Ministries is just one of our partners who provide life-changing support to people in truly challenging places. By supporting our partners as they walk alongside their communities, you can help enable education and training that empowers people to help themselves out of poverty.

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Hosanna Ministries’ Vocational Training Project is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

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