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We Won’t Forget People like You, Madeline

Wednesday, 6 September 2023

Peter Bryant from the Conference of Churches of Christ in Vanuatu has continued to visit many members of the churches in Port Vila who required emergency help and support after the damages of Tropical Cyclones Judy and Kevin. One lady was Madeline.

Madeline has displayed resilience and determination to rebuild her life.

Her husband passed away and some family came to live with her. The house they lived in was already damaged from Tropical Cyclone Pam. So, when Tropical Cyclones Judy and Kevin hit, the entire structure was demolished.

Faced with the challenge of finding a new place to live, she must now pay rent. The emotional and financial burdens of losing her home are high.

Peter reported, “Madeline set to tidying all the timbers to underneath some she-oak trees at the front of the property, with the assistance of her family who were still nearby”. Madeline could not face removing the old bathtub, hand basin and toilet from the foundations that remained.

Peter also reported that Madeline wants to build herself a new smaller house. “We gave Madeline a large heavy-duty green tarpaulin for her newly planned house, to protect it during the building stage. The cash allowance and gardening kit will help her with the day-to-day needs she has now that she has the extra financial burden of renting,” he said.

Through it all, Madeline remains grateful for the help she received and remains hopeful for a brighter future. “Thank you for your heart in coming and not forgetting me,” Madeline said.  

Thank you for your generous support towards the Vanuatu Cyclone Response.

So far $22,320 has been raised. CCCV is working with the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), Vanuatu Christian Council and provincial governments to help people, like Madeline, recover after the destruction caused by the cyclones.

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