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The Resilient Journey of Pastor Sunny in Fiji

Wednesday, 6 December 2023

Pastor Sunny has faced several setbacks in his life. The closure of his church in Nadi and losing his home in a fire. Despite these challenges, Sunny and his family continued to trust God. 

Sunny became a baker to support his wife and their three children. They also began to look for a new church to attend. They met Global Missions Partner Muneshwar at the Lomowai Church. 

The church was a 30-minute drive from their house, but this wasn't a deterrent. Sunny and his family committed to attending the services weekly.

Muneshwar resigned as pastor of Lomowai Church in early 2023. Sunny was approached to preach at their Sunday services. He did this so well, that a potentially traumatic period for the church became a smooth transition, and he was elected with 100 percent of the vote for a new pastor.

Sunny and his family now live closer to the church. “Through my experience, a pastor and the church are more blessed if he lives near the church,” says Sunny.

Sunny's devotion to the gospel and compassion for the congregation won the church's heart during a challenging time.

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