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Special Shoes for Kirsty

Wednesday, 7 June 2023

When Kirsty was eight months old, a tragic incident changed her life forever. Eneti, Kirsty’s mother, set out to remove goats trespassing on their family's maize field. She returned home to find Kirsty had stumbled into the small fire used for cooking. She suffered severe burns to both her feet. Kirsty’s feet have never recovered. At four years old, she still has difficulty walking.

Life in the Zaka District, Zimbabwe, where Kirsty lives with her family, is challenging. There are few options to earn a living, the land is inadequate, rainfall is sparse and drought occurs almost every year. Life is even more challenging when a family member has a disability.  

GMP Relief and Development partner Christian Care, in partnership with Act for Peace, gives small livestock to people with disabilities, like Kirsty. Raising goats provides Kirsty’s family more food and greater income security.  

Kirsty’s mother, Eneti, received two female goats and training from Christian Care. The family had only ever owned one goat and depended on casual labour opportunities to afford food. Now the goats have increased to eight and Eneti has healthy breeding stock, which enables her to increase her flock. “Now we can sell a goat whenever we are under pressure to buy food,” said Eneti.

Though Kirsty’s livelihood has improved through receiving a goat, she still faces challenges. Kirsty has difficulty walking. To enrol in a preschool, Kirsty needs to be able to walk to her school, which is four kilometres from her home. To do this she would need a miracle to purchase custom medical-grade shoes!

Thanks to GMP partner, Christian Care, Kirsty was able to obtain a referral to Ndanga Hospital and receive assistance through the rehabilitation centre.

Kirsty now has special shoes. She can enrol in preschool and begin her education.  

This miracle has brought joy to the family and Kirsty’s community. “I am grateful to Christian Care and Act for Peace for changing my daughter’s life,” Eneti said with a smile on her face.

Your gift to the COCOA Mid Year Appeal can provide children like Kirsty with a second chance at life. Help people access medical care, education and break the poverty cycle. Give now at www.gmp.org.au/secondchance

Christian Care’s Conservation Farming Project is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

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