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Share the Blessing of Jesus this Easter

Wednesday, 1 March 2023

When Walk for Hope was first launched in 2018, it was envisioned as being a peer-to-peer sponsored fundraiser that linked supporters here in Australia to the issue of accessibility for many of GMP partners’ – the fact that many of them had to walk long distances to church, including pastors in places like Zimbabwe, who often had to walk to many churches that they were leading.

While the idea of walking to raise funds was a step in the right direction, we soon realised that it was not inclusive of those with mobility issues and could potentially raise problems if, for example, someone fell on a walk that was organised by a church.

The idea of walking for hope, however, still resonated with us at GMP. Our partners and ourselves walk for hope, for faith, for love – we are on a long journey of walking towards Jesus and being Christlike in our lives and actions. Many of our partners, as I mentioned, walk to church communities where they renew each others’ faith for the days and weeks ahead. You may walk as well and, if you do, then you are walking in solidarity with our partners.

Hope is a much-needed virtue in our ICP settings, and it helps us to keep walking in the light no matter how the darkness crowds in. So, in 2023, we’re encouraging you to Walk for Hope with us, with our partners. When you give to Walk for Hope, you can be assured that those funds go to building up the strength of our churches in places as diverse as Fiji, South Sudan, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

Over Easter, may your hope be renewed as you walk with Jesus and with others. We are blessed to know God, and his great love for us. As we remember the greatest blessing that we have received in Jesus’ sacrifice, we’re also blessed to share this with others. May you renew the hope of others as you listen, encourage, pray and give.

Craig Brown
Deputy Executive Officer and ICP Director

Church Partnerships Leadership Development

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