2023 News

Planting Seedlings in South Sudan

Tuesday, 31 January 2023

We saw tragic damage when floods devastated our local community in 2022, destroying homes and crops, a disaster for the people of South Sudan, especially Aweil.

Environmental protection is a global concern. Climate change has become a major threat to our local community. We used to have rain at a similar time each year but today it can go for a long time without raining. This often causes drought and famine. Or come too plentifully in the very shortest periods of time, which causes flooding.

Therefore, the question is, what are the measures to put in place to protect and fight climate change in South Sudan and return the rain strategically? Our response has been the planting of seedlings in all social institutions such as schools, hospitals, churches, government offices in sub-counties and markets. They will take care of those trees. The good news is that there is a high chance of survival of most trees in these places and in the future, we hope and pray to have regular rain that falls on time.

Paulino Malou,
Director of Christian Mercy International.

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