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Pastor Ndlovu Develops Leaders in the Siboza Circuit

Wednesday, 5 April 2023

Pastor Ndlovu leads a handful of churches in Zimbabwe. Since each church is many kilometres apart, he can only visit one at a time. This workload is challenging, however with the 'circuit system' in place, he can give each of his congregations the attention and support they need.

It is common for pastors in Zimbabwe to lead four to six churches at once. The 'circuit system’ enables pastors to provide leadership to each church and, most importantly, support when the pastor is not present. Pastors are often unable to visit more than one church at a time due to the distances between them.

According to GMP partner, BJ Mpfou, with the Associated Churches of Christ in Zimbabwe (ACCZ), the most significant role of a circuit pastor is shepherding the leadership in the various churches. 

Pastor Ndlovu is highly gifted in this area. "Churches under his care are seen to be growing churches that have an impact on the community," said BJ. Pastor Ndlovu aspires to train the leadership, to give the elders and deacons tasks that would usually be done by the pastor. This helps the church grow and maintain health.

Within his various churches, Pastor Ndlovu holds joint training sessions and meetings with the various elders and deacons from his churches. These combined sessions ensure consistency in the approach to teaching and strategies for strengthening the churches.

Because of Pastor Ndlovu's teaching, local leaders are equipped to run the ministry. As part of their duties, they may visit the sick, both in the church and in the neighbourhood. They also organise a rotational preaching roster every Sunday. Regular meetings are held to debrief ministry activities and to give each other constructive criticism and encouragement. This also includes regularly praying for the church together. With this feedback, Pastor Ndlovu receives the insight he needs for each congregation.

Siboza is one of many circuits that are doing well, and it is because of Pastor Ndlovu's investment in leadership. “As the saying goes, the church is as vibrant as its leadership,” said BJ.

You can find more information about GMP’s International Church Partnerships on the GMP website. You can support church leaders like Pastor Ndlovu and the churches of the Siboza Circuit through the Walk for Hope Easter Appeal.

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