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Identity Empowerment through Documentation

Wednesday, 7 June 2023

It is difficult to apply for an identity document when you cannot read or write. If you also have no birth certificate and live in one of the poorest slums in your country, it becomes almost impossible. This is the reality for more than half the residents of the Prakash Tekadi slum, India.

GMP relief and development partner, Hosanna Ministries, works in the Prakash Tekadi community, where many residents lack identification documents to apply for their Aadhaar card. 

The Aadhaar card is a 12-digit unique identity number for Indian citizens and residents. It is the primary document required to carry out any public-related activity. The Aadhaar card provides legitimacy to a person's identity. 

Partnering with the local public welfare office, Hosanna Ministries established a ‘Documents Camp’ to help people in the Prakash Tekadi community obtain Aadhaar cards. Together they conducted a six-day program in the community in December 2022. 

The documentation camp attracted approximately 160 people. 110 Aadhar cards were issued! However, 43 people were rejected due to a lack of documents. 

Over half of the people living in the Prakash Tekadi slum do not have birth certificates. Similarly, many do not have a legal marriage certificate. People living in the Prakash Tekadi slum cannot afford to lodge an affidavit to the court to obtain their required documents. 

Those who were able to apply for their Aadhaar card at the documentation camp have expressed their deep gratitude for helping them. Now they have documents, they will be able to access public services.

Hosanna Ministries will continue to advocate for those unable to provide the required documents for an Aadhaar card. They hope to find free services to lodge the affidavits. "Through local lawyers and courts,” said Sumit.

You can support the work of Hosanna Ministries and learn more about the Prakash Tekadi slum on the GMP website. 

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