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Assistance in the Aftermath

Wednesday, 3 May 2023

Lily-Rose lives in Yekar, an isolated village in Vanuatu. She cooks in her outdoor kitchen under a roof made of palm leaves. When Tropical Cyclone Judy hit her village, it damaged her kitchen roof. It made cooking difficult, exposing it to the rain. The wind also blew down the plants and crops in her garden. 

Peter Bryant visited Lily-Rose in Yekar post-cyclone to check the damages. He travelled to represent the Conference of Churches of Christ in Vanuatu (CCCV). “This area has suffered a roll of earth tremors (up to 7.2 intensity) since the start of the year,” Peter explained. Thus, “It felt the direct effects of Cyclone Judy and indirectly Cyclone Kevin,” he said.

Lily-Rose lives alone and doesn’t own a vehicle. Her nearest neighbour lives one kilometre away. It is also a two-kilometre walk to the nearest road. So, facing the difficult circumstances post cyclones, Lily-Rose might have waited a long time for help. When Peter arrived with supplies, it was a relief.

Peter and Lily-Rose stood outside the small Church of Christ in Yekar village. This is where Lily-Rose would seek refuge during the earth tremors in her village. Peter had brought her a strong tarpaulin for the kitchen roof! He also brought some seeds to grow vegetables. Peter explained that Lily-Rose should plant the seeds to re-establish her garden. “The blown-down banana, taro and manioc would soon be used up, and no further crops available to eat.”

Peter has travelled to many of the villages across Vanuatu to survey the damages with the help of CCCV. Most of the damage has been to people’s gardens and livelihoods. Peter also mentioned roofing, toilets, and kitchens. Many people are now living in semi-permanent structures with tarpaulins. Above-ground water pipes also suffered damages. This has caused challenges with water supply in various places. Peter reports they are continuing to provide seeds and assessing needs for the future. Timely aid from GMP partner CCCV has given these communities much-needed comfort.

Thank you for your support of the Vanuatu Cyclone Response. Your generosity has enabled timely support for people like Lily-Rose, who are re-building their lives after the cyclones.

Find out more or donate at www.gmp.org.au/VanuatuCycloneResponse or Free Call 1800 467 222.

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