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A Gift with Purpose: Beekeeping

Wednesday, 4 October 2023

Health problems have made it difficult for Ngonidzashe to find a job. As a 48-year-old single mother caring for five children, she struggles to support her family.

Global Mission Partners Relief and Development partner Christian Care initiates beekeeping projects in the Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe. These projects help vulnerable people like Ngonidzashe earn a reliable income and achieve sustainable livelihoods and food security. 

Beekeeping is an accessible project that accommodates Ngonidzashe's needs. “I cannot perform heavy jobs, so I find beekeeping a much easier project," she said.

Ngonidzashe received her first beehive from Christian Care in November 2022. As one of the few females to learn beekeeping in her region, she is a leader in her field. Ngonidzashe is already reaping the benefits from the honey harvest, with goals to increase her beehives.

She also looks forward to transforming her health by eating the honey. "l have chest problems. Honey cures chest ailments,” says Ngonidzashe.

The decline of bees worldwide has a negative impact on the food systems. Global Mission Partners and Christian Care, along with Act for Peace, have joined the global call to save pollinators through this project. Beekeeping not only helps to protect bees and their important role in food systems, but helps vulnerable people build sustainable livelihoods and climate resilience.

Zimbabwe has diverse ecosystems, rich floral resources, and a favourable beekeeping climate. In arid areas where crops and other enterprises fail, beekeeping can succeed. It also fits well alongside many other livelihood interventions that Christian Care provides.

Because of beekeeping, Ngonidzashe can now provide for her children's education. To pay school fees for her daughter and the four other children in her care. "I sell the honey to buy food for my children and for their health. My parents are old and cannot take care of themselves. I also get cash from honey sales to take care of them," Ngonidzashe said.

Ngonidzashe is paving the way for female empowerment and sustainability within her community.

When you buy the Great Gift of Beekeeping you will give a gift with purpose. Providing essential beekeeping equipment like beehives, bee suits, beeswax, smokers, hive tools and bee brushes.

You will also help empower more women, like Ngonidzashe! All while preserving precious pollinators and nurturing Zimbabwe's local economy.

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