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Which Part is Which?

Tuesday, 9 August 2022

I am quite intrigued by the way that Paul uses the image of the Body to describe the nature of the church. He, almost with humour, suggests that the body has parts that are weaker, inferior, less honourable or less respectable. This means there are also stronger and more superior, honourable and respectable parts of the body! Part of my intrigue is wondering which part is which!

It also seems that, within the body, conversations occur as to which parts are needed or not needed. When the eye says to the feet, ‘I have no need of you!’ It is assumed that the feet can hear the eye!

The members of the body are to care for one another, suffer together and rejoice together. All of this is done so there is no dissension in the body. This all sounds idyllic - like a body that is communicating sensitively, listening, and is aware of what is going on with the various parts of the body.

I am reminded from time to time that I do not exercise enough, nor make it to 10,000 steps! A body being Which Part is Which? Lunch to Honour Dena and Garry Gower exercised is healthy. It is being used. Could it be that the exercise of the Body of Christ is its life in mission?

We learn from the image of the body that being active, being sensitive to what is happening around us and in us, caring about what we see, and hearing what is being said, is vitally important.

When we enter into mission relationships, they are two-way, and involve deep listening and active care. When we reach out beyond ourselves to our partners in mission, we, within the life of the body of Christ, share with others the activities of compassion, care and the invitation to others to be part of the body. We play our part as we listen, pray, are generous in giving and consistent in support.

Now the questions remain, which part is which? What I do know is: we fundamentally, and deeply, need each other.

John Gilmore                                                                                                    Executive Officer


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