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Where Will Your Pair of Piglets Go?

Wednesday, 5 October 2022

Many Black Lahu farmers living in the remote mountainous hill tribes of Thailand have long wanted to raise pigs - it’s something they’ve yearned for. Raising pigs would create a good income, although they have struggled to find the means to afford the piglets.

GMP Relief and Development partner, the Churches of Christ Thailand Social Development and Services Unit (SDSU), have initiated a project to support the farmers. This enables the provision of seed funding to purchase piglets for the farmers, and assist with feed and training.

Piano, from the SDSU, recently visited the farmers participating in the Hill Tribe Sustainable Income Project.

Piano shared that one farmer “loves raising animals” and had expressed his dream of using that passion as an occupation and increasing his income. Others in the community were also interested in raising pigs. All their dreams became a reality when the project was introduced. With assistance from SDSU, farmers have learned what it really means to take care of pigs and establish a small piggery to support their livelihood.

Firstly, the farmers stressed the importance of keeping their piggeries away from the village to prevent spreading terrible odours which may harm the community

Furthermore, they had the challenge of deciding which pigs to raise. Black pigs were preferred by one group of farmers since they are larger and produce tastier meat, which is more valuable. The second group wanted to raise white pigs as they are smaller, cheaper to raise, and sell more quickly.

Thankfully, no matter the pigs they choose, the farmers can now buy and raise pigs to support their family’s income.

Experienced farmers from nearby communities volunteer their time to help the farmers in raising the pigs and provide advice on market prices when it comes time to sell them. Piano reports that potential buyers come to the village when they know there are pigs for sale. Each pig can bring 5,000 baht (approximately $195AUD) in profit if the farmer has bought and raised two or more pigs.

You can’t put a piglet on a plane and send it to the Black Lahu farmers in Thailand, but you can purchase a Pair of Piglets from the Great Gifts Catalogue! You can send support to our local GMP partners like Piano, who will assist farmers in their community with piglets.

The community is thankful for your support. One farmer said, “We villagers are grateful because even though you didn’t know us, you helped us.” Give a Great Gift with real impact and send support to places like Thailand to help people like the farmers of the hill tribes through the assistance of partners like Piano.

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