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Three Years Since Devonport Team Visits Fiji

Wednesday, 7 September 2022

It had been three years since a team from Devonport Church of Christ, Tasmania, visited with Ps David and Christy Reddy at Lautoka, Fiji. Despite this, there was still a realsense of partnership when Pastor Blake and I visited Fiji in early August.

We began by catching up with Christy and David and their two children, Destiny and Joy. As you would expect we noticed somethings have changed! The Reddy’s have moved house to a home that is large enough to hold church services; David had an overhaul of his tattoo that he has wanted for many years, which is more reflective of this godly man’s life – Faith over Fear; Christy, well she just doesn’t change: such a generous and loving heart, and such a great cook! Destiny has graduated with a medical degree and is currently working as an intern in Lautoka Hospital. She is living at home,which is such a blessing for David and Christy. Joy continues in his engineering studies in Suva and is working on being an Electrical Engineer. It was great to have him on mid-semester break while we were there!

The first evening was spent investing in leaders. After discussing what it means to be a leader in the local church, Pastor Blake demonstrated servant leadership by washing Pastor David’s feet. What followed was an amazing heartbeat of servant hood as each of the people present took turns washing and drying each other’s feet. Putting the teaching into practice wasa powerful statement and demonstrated the humility required to serve and lead others.

Over the following days, Blake powered through two outreach events and a Sunday morning sermon. The sharing in prayer, worship and food reignited the partnership in a more personal way than could have been achieved while apart during the pandemic.The Holy Spirit moved amongst the people, and the growth in maturity and faith of the church members was evident.

Once again, I was reminded ofthe importance of connection and how our God uses proximity of relationship to grow us, sharpenour faith and encourage each other in difficult times. As relationships deepen, the façade of fear drops and real conversations happen, and change can take place.

As I stand in the presence of Jesus,in partnership with Lautoka Church of Christ, I find myself transformed every time.

It was a blessing and honour toreturn to Fiji. God willing there will not be as much time in between subsequent visits.

Dominic Piscioneri,                                                                                        Discipleship and Formation Leader Devonport Church of Christ

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