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Thembe’s Story - “God Had Better Plans for Me”

Wednesday, 4 May 2022

Thembelihle Mbambo (Thembe) loves working with the children at Khayelihle Children’s Village (KCV). As the Donor Child Sponsorship Relations Officer, she wants to see vulnerable children succeed in life. She helps the children at KCV communicate with their overseas sponsors and works to reconnect children with their relatives in Zimbabwe.

When you meet Thembe she will give you a big smile. “To know that I have little people who look up to me gives me all the reasons to smile all the time,” Thembe said. “I am an aunty to the children here at KCV, so I have a huge role to play as a mom.”

Thembe didn’t think she could be a mother. As a child her bones became soft and weak, a condition known as Rickets, resulting in bowlegs. Despite this challenge, she has seen God provide for her the desires of her heart. Not only is she an aunt and a mother figure to many children at KCV, but Thembe is also a biological mother of two boys.

Thembe said, “My community had misconceptions that no man will marry me because I will not be able to bear children, but God had better plans for me… God made me a mom!” Thembe explains that in her culture, “When the daughter bears children, especially male children, for that family, she is treated like a queen.”

Women’s ministries have helped Thembe to grow and to learn more about being a Christian mum. This Mother’s Day, Thembe would like to encourage all women to be a Proverbs 31 Woman, “The one who fears the Lord,” Thembe said.

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