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Thanking God for Small Blessings

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

When circumstances are challenging, it’s easy to become discouraged. Problems can seem so big that it feels like nothing we do makes a difference. But even a small blessing can be something to be thankful for! 

Recently we talked with Paulino Malou, Director of Christian Mercy International. What he told us was a great reminder of the power of small blessings.

“Last year our five local congregations purchased five plastic sheets [tarps] with the support from International Church Partnership (ICP),” Paulino said. “In our community, most of our local churches fellowship under the trees, and they would praise God with joy and happiness in the Lord Jesus. During the rainy season, they would be stopped by the heavy rains.”

One plastic tarp for each church. Something that seems small, and could seem so mundane and insignificant, becomes a source of thankfulness and praise to God. 

“We are so happy to have ICP in Australia to support our local churches last year with plastic sheets so that they [can] attend Sunday services with the love of God and peace of mind,” Paulino said.

A thankful heart can help us face our challenges. When we appreciate the small blessings, we can work with them and make things better. In these past few years of experiencing restrictions, we’ve learned how meaningful being together at church can be. Now, these churches in South Sudan can meet each week, no matter the weather.

Paulino made an interesting point in our conversation, questioning is the church about the building or the believers. Paulino concluded, "The church are the believers in the world.”

Believers in the world like you. The blessing you can give during Walk for Hope, no matter how small, can make a big difference to the churches in South Sudan. Whether it is a plastic tarp, providing tuition for a young evangelist to study theology, or contributing in part towards the cost of these things. Your financial gift is another blessing to be thankful for.

“Our partnership has been a blessing in one way or the other throughout the local church,” Paulino said. 

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