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Safe Water September

Wednesday, 7 September 2022

Safe Water September is a challenge to drink nothing but water all September. Challenge-takers raise funds for safe water, sanitation and hygiene projects in Zimbabwe, Vanuatu, and Bangladesh though GMP’s Relief and Development partners.

The challenge is also an opportunity to explore a deeper and broader vision of the Kingdom of God at work across national borders. It builds knowledge, empathy, and deep solidarity with communities experiencing insecure access to safe water. Safe Water September shows the impact that people can have when we collaborate and participate in God’s Kingdom vision for the world.

This year Eliza and her grandfather, David, are part of the national community of people of all age staking the Safe Water September challenge. Eliza is 10 years old, plays netball and enjoys reading any books that have horses in them. During the 2021 COVID lockdown, Eliza decided to take the Safe Water September challenge with David. It was a challenge because Eliza loves hot chocolate and Fanta! But it is a worthy challenge to give more people better access to safe water.

“At first I was like, ‘I’m not gonna survive a day!” Eliza shared. “But then once I got into the rhythm, I’m like, I actually don’t need thespecial drinks like hot chocolate and Fanta and stuff like that as much as I think I do.

In 2022, challenge-takers like Eliza are aiming to raise a total of $160,000 together, through the Safe Water September challenge.This will help transform up to 6,400 lives through improved access tosafe water, sanitation and hygiene.

This is possible with the support of people like you.

GMP Relief and Development partner, the Conference of Churches of Christ in Vanuatu (CCCV), partners with local communities to install water tanks and pipe systems, as well as conducting hygiene training.

In Bangladesh, GMP Partner Vana Bawm, Project Director for the Community Advancement Forum (CAF), reported that the remote Happy Hills Village is even happier now because they have a new tubewell. Over 120 toilets have been installed in remote villages since January 2021, and many families have received hygiene training and equipment for their new toilets.

Water solutions also help businesses grow, start community gardens, and give back timeto people for their families and livelihoods! Showers of Blessing in Zimbabwe reported that sincea borehole was drilled in 2015 in Kufa Village, further developments have brought water closer to every household. This has improved more than the domestic lives of people in the community. The abundance of water means the community now has enough water to make bricks for a new school, household gardens, new home construction and livestock projects.

Everyone deserves the health,dignity and safety that safe water solutions can give.

Because of Safe Water September, communities will be transformed! And this is possible with thesupport of people like you.

Donate to Safe Water Septemberto give access to safe water, good hygiene, and sanitation. $25 can be enough to give one personaccess to life-changing safe water,or improved hygiene and sanitation.Any donation of $2 or over is tax deductible. You can help change lives for the better.

Not only that, but you can alsosupport young people like Eliza, as they participate in a part of God’s Kingdom vision. Eliza says, “It[Safe Water September] gets easier,and it’s worth it.”

Donate today at www.safewaterseptember.org.au or FreeCall 1800 467 222.

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