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One Vision, One Mission, One Pledge

Wednesday, 6 July 2022

With so many needs present in the world, how do we as Christians live out our belief in Jesus and his heart for justice? You probably have your own ways that you do this but, if you’re like me, I am constantly challenged by this question.

When tested by the Pharisees on the greatest commandment, Jesus said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbour as yourself” Matthew 22:37–39.

This is a vision and calling that we at GMP have been trying to live out together for the last 130 years. Whether it’s been through work that ends cycles of poverty, or partnering with international churches, or Indigenous peoples and churches here in Australia. Each area of work is a part of the one calling, to love our neighbour. 

We are grateful for your compassion for people in need, and for your partnership. We are thankful that you have walked this journey with us, alongside our partners, whether recently or for many years. We thank God for faithful, compassionate people like you.

Whether globally, nationally, or locally, we have one holistic and integrated mission to live out the greatest commandment of Jesus: To journey with our partners across all the different countries, projects, and areas they work in. To take part in fully integrated mission.

And you can now make One Pledge to support this vision.

One Pledge is a monthly gift to support holistic mission. Your regular gift will go to the area of most need across all GMP partnerships and areas of work:

  • To help empower people to break the cycles of poverty that harm their neighbourhoods.
  • To stand alongside Australian Indigenous Christians to support their ministries.
  • To help grow international church communities and share the good news of Jesus around the world.

This is One Pledge. 

We know you already partner in this work in many ways. We are so grateful for the ways you give, pray, and walk alongside our partners. We know you have deep care for our partners, reflected in the way you journey with us. One Pledge is a new way to join with, or continue, your investment in God’s mission. 

One Pledge enables your financial gift to go to where it’s most needed each month. It gives security to our partners, as your pledge is something they can rely on. It’s also an opportunity to contribute to the big vision – loving our neighbours, through Church Partnerships (ICP), Relief and Development solutions (COCOA), and empowering Indigenous Ministries in Australia (IMA). 

Your partnership has already achieved so much. Partners like you have already helped kick-start a tailor-made program for emerging Christian Indigenous leaders to be supported in their ministry or mission training here in Australia. Your partnership has also enabled 157 future leaders to attend Bible college in the past year. Over 5,013 people now have access to safe water, some for the first time in their lives.

One Pledge is a new way to join in this story. When you make your pledge, you’ll receive monthly updates on how you’re helping our partners change lives. You’ll also receive a progress report every 12 months, outlining some of the great things you’ve helped make possible. 

Join One Pledge online at www.OnePledge.org.au, or call our team on FreeCall 1800 467 222. We’d love to talk with you about how your partnership is making a difference. 

Thank you for sharing with us in the greatest commandment of Jesus. You make the work of our partners possible. Whichever way you share in this mission, our partners are so grateful for your support. 

John Gilmore

Executive Officer


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