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Lives Changed through WASH Projects in Bangladesh

Wednesday, 7 September 2022

GMP relief and development partner, Community Advancement Forum (CAF), establish Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) projects in Bangladesh.

CAF helps Mru communities in the remote areas of the Bandarban Hills install latrines, learn good hygiene practices and gain safe access to water. Vana Bawm, Project Director, reports that since the Community Sustainability Project began in January 2021, they have installed 120 toilets throughout the villages. “The sanitation program among the Mru has brought great change,” Vana said.

Of the 120 toilets installed, ten were in Bagun Village. Paring, a recipient, is happy with his new toilet because he had never used a toilet before. He is used to defecating in the bushes. “We used to go to the outsides and to the open spaces,” he said. “This was causing disease and suffering.” Paring is thankful to CAF for “providing hygienic toilet[s] which is very much helpful for our community”. He can now defecate in private and is looking forward to the health improvements it will bring.

Along with the installation of toilets and hygiene training, CAF also provides households with equipment like a toilet brush, toilet cleaners, soap and a bucket. Mendon was thrilled to receive the equipment. “It [will] help us,” he explained. “It is [now] much safer. We hope this will be a practice for our lifetime.”

When people have access to functional and clean toilets, sickness is reduced. The risk of drinking water becoming contaminated by faeces is lower. The possibility of bacteria spreading and causing outbreaks of diarrhoea and cholera is reduced. People need access to running water, soap, or sanitiser, otherwise, it’s almost impossible to stop the spread of germs and preventable diseases. As Vana shares, “A toilet is valuable”.

Paring is thankful for the provision of a toilet, the training and the equipment. “We are very much happy for them [CAF] providing hygienic toilet[s] which is very much helpful for our community,” he said.

By donating to Safe Water September, you help people like Paring and Mendon gain access to toilet installation, hygiene training and equipment that will help improve not only their livelihood and health but that of their entire village as well.

Give now to provide life-changing sanitation and hygiene training and equipment.

Visit www.safewaterseptember.org.au for more information.

Bangladesh CAF - Community Sustainability Program is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

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