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Change is Coming

Wednesday, 2 November 2022

Change is coming. This change is personal and involves GMP and our partners.  After 15 years as the GMP Executive Officer, I conclude at the end of this month! For most of that time I have written an article for each edition of In Partnership. Now it is the last one. What do I say?

The first affirmation that comes to mind is ‘mission is a team activity’. What we do is not about an individual – it is what we do together. Nothing GMP does is possible without our partners around the world. We are totally dependent on them. They have the local knowledge, ideas and dreams. We come along side and join with them to see what we can do together.

Thank you to all our partners, those overseas, those in Australia and the Indigenous communities we are connected to. Nothing happens without you. You have the dream as to what is possible, it is your ideas we seek to bring into being and we cannot be in mission without you.

‘Mission is not just about what the individual does.’ Words are inadequate to express the depth of my appreciation for the members of the GMP Board with whom I have served. I have been privileged to work with three Board chairs. I could not have asked for more empowering or encouraging people. They have shown immeasurable grace with me – time and time again.

Over the 15 years, I have worked alongside more than 40 staff. I can honestly say that each has taught, shaped and guided me. It has been a wonderful experience to work with such a group of people committed to mission and to the part they played in GMP.  Yes, there have been ups and downs. At times we have frustrated each other. There have been disagreements and some of these have been complex. I am not the same person who began with GMP – I have changed and a large part of that is due to the team I have worked with.

When I began with GMP I did not know what to expect. There were many ideas and hopes and opportunities. Some have been embraced and have been fulfilled. Not everything we have set out to do has worked. People have been let down and disappointed when something did not happen as had been anticipated. I regret this and seek your understanding and forgiveness.

I look to the future of GMP with great optimism. There are so many opportunities ahead, and such strong foundations on which to build this future. Part of me wishes I could hang around to see what will happen!

None of what I have been part was possible without the sacrificial support and love of Meewon and our family. My deepest thanks to them for their care, patience and grace in my many absences.

I say farewell with deep confidence in the partners, staff and Board of GMP. I believe that God will bless and guide the future as it is revealed.

John Gilmore
Executive Officer


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