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An Appreciation: John Gilmore

Wednesday, 2 November 2022

Since John Gilmore began as GMP’s Executive Officer in 2008, GMP has grown across its partnerships, whether they be in international settings, Indigenous Australian settings or with local Churches of Christ organisations and churches. 

John’s energy, insight, vision and ability to put ideas into action while inspiring others to do the same has been integral to GMP’s growth. A significant factor in GMP’s health has been John’s commitment to an expansive vision of God’s Kingdom rather than maintaining the organisational status quo in a rapidly shifting world.

Part of John’s legacy is the growth in GMP’s international partners – South Sudan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines all joined GMP during his time as EO. GMP also took on Churches of Christ ministry to, with, and alongside Indigenous people here in Australia. While these achievements may only take up a few lines, they represent countless conversations, trips to speak to people face to face, and many hours of strategising and promoting these partnerships. GMP achieving full DFAT accreditation was also a result of John’s drive for GMP to be the best partner it could be. GMP Board Chair, Barrie Yesberg, sums it up well: “The Board expresses their great appreciation for the work and activities in which John has been involved in this ministry. When John arrived, GMP was in a level of crisis and with a steady hand he has guided GMP into the organisation we see today. With retirement, John leaves behind a Christian mission organisation fulfilling its mission.” 

John’s enthusiasm to see GMP grow – not for its own sake – and be an organisation that transforms lives, livelihoods and engages in authentic partnership is contagious. We have made it a way of operating and ministering at GMP. It’s appropriate to let some of our partners share their thoughts about John’s ministry through GMP.

“John's servant leadership qualities over the years assisted Showers of Blessing to grow through healthy partnership.”                                                                  (Boniface Mpofu, Zimbabwe)

“John is a very good person. I have loved working with him in his ministry with MECOC leaders.”                                                                                                             (Silas Gibe, PNG)

“Our friendship has brought forth many changes in Bangladesh through church partnership and community development activities. You have changed us.”                (Vana Bawm, Bangladesh)

“John is a servant leader. He worked in partnership with CMI by fulfilling the GMP value for lasting change. He often consulted the grassroots people who have problems to come up with a decision on how to eradicate poverty cycles in our region.”                                                                                                                             (Paulino Malou, South Sudan)

“We are so grateful and will never forget Ps John’s hard work in Vietnam. We thank God for giving us a good leader like you. Your understanding, concern, encouragement, intercession and teaching have made our ministry grow. You have always been an example for us to follow, in serving God humbly, in His grace and love.”                                                                                                                                (Pastor T, Vietnam)

“John made me believe that even small help can give a big impact on people. His wise leadership will live in our memories. On behalf of your Indonesian brothers and sisters, I say, ‘Keep doing good works for impacting nations.’"                              (Hery Susanto, Indonesia)

On a personal note, John has helped create a culture of expansiveness, professionalism and compassion across GMP. He has been willing to teach, help staff grow, and use mistakes as learning opportunities, while constantly working to help people find fulfilment in their roles. His EO role has never diminished his pastoral care of staff. We’ll miss him, and trust that his retirement is one that continues his journey of transforming lives.

Craig Brown 
Deputy Executive Officer and ICP Director


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