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A Sustainable Future with The Goat Project

Wednesday, 1 June 2022

For many years, partners like you have supported the Emmanuel School in South Sudan, an initiative of Christian Mercy International (CMI). The education program has supported children affected by the civil conflict, providing access to precious education. You might remember helping provide classrooms, funding for daily meals and, more recently, goats to help children’s caretakers earn additional income for school expenses.

Your continued support not only helped make these changes possible but has extended its impact even further.

GMP has been working with CMI and Emmanuel School since 2010. Over that time, CMI has secured government support for teachers’ wages and World Food Programme support for the daily meal. The introduction of goats means that carers can support their children’s education through school fees and uniforms into the future. This is important news, as it makes the program sustainable for the long term. This would not have been possible without your help, and the help of people like you over the years.

This also means more positive change can be made!

With a more sustainable future for Emmanuel School, CMI can now focus on extending the Children’s Education Program to benefit other small, not-for-profit schools. New students will benefit from your assistance at schools like Tiaraliet School.

Tiaraliet has just received goats for the first time! Three goats were given to each of the children’s caretakers in March. The goats were given to the caretakers of Grade One children and specifically to students with a disability, students without parents or those with greater needs for support. These children are some of the most vulnerable in their community.

Introducing the Goat Project to Tiaraliet School means the students’ caretakers will now have extra income to pay for their child’s education needs today and into the future. CMI Director Paulino Malou told us, “The community were so happy. They said that GMP and COCOA have done great and blessed work toward supporting the community of Aweil and the ten community and church-based schools.”

Your support of our partners in South Sudan and your gift to the COCOA Mid-Year Appeal is vital in making changes like these.

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