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A Prayer for Ukraine

Wednesday, 2 March 2022

We acknowledge that, as we gather as local churches, our global neighbourhoods are filled with the imagery of war, of destruction and of risky defiance. Locally, we are hearing about the terrible floods that are ravaging Queensland and NSW. This all comes as many of us are still grappling with the pressures that COVID-19 has placed upon us. Our once familiar world can now seem strange.

We may be experiencing ‘compassion fatigue’. This is a difficult time to be an empathetic person, and an empathetic community. There is so much that demands our attention – and that is before we even examine what is going on inside of us.

We trust that this resource may help you express what is going on in the Ukraine and how our communities are processing that.

Lord of all,
We come before you with a sense of helplessness.
We lament with the people of the Ukraine, as their homes are shelled, their hearts burdened, and their losses weigh heavily.
We seek their peace – quickly, unilaterally, powerfully.
We acknowledge that this is beyond our control, so we turn to you to work where we cannot.
We come before you in hope. 

Lord of love,
We come before you with a broken spirit.
We ask that the citizens of the Ukraine and of Russia see one another as family, not as enemies.
We ask that the Russian leaders view the Ukraine not as a territory to be conquered, but as a people to be respected.
We ask that the Ukrainians not be reduced to bare statistics, but are remembered as
caring and fragile humans.
We come before you confident that love wins.

Sovereign Lord Jesus,
We come before you daring to trust.
We ask this: that you who overcame death, sin, hate and evil, reign supreme in this terrible situation and bring life, harmony, love and goodness.
We come before you remembering your steadfast faithfulness,
Our sovereign, our hope and our King.


If you would like to download the prayer to use or share click here.

If you would like to give through GMP to support refugees and displaced people click here.

Images: Refugee’s at the border of Poland and Ukraine. Courtesy of ACT Alliance.

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