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Reaching People Despite Challenges

Wednesday, 3 February 2021

The global pandemic has made many things impossible this past year. But it has not stopped God from showing His blessing to people who seek him. 

Pastor Rambuai is a full-time minister of the Bandarban Hills Churches of Christ. He focuses on outreach to the local Mru community. The Mru people are a tiny minority group within Bangladesh, and their language and history are in danger of being lost. 

For the Church that serves this community, the language becomes an incredibly important factor. Without resources or preaching in their own language, it can be difficult for people to hear or understand the message of God that is being shared. And even though these resources exist, they are still limited.

In addition to the language barrier, the pandemic has made it more difficult to share the gospel. Restrictions were placed on public gatherings, including church services. The curfew and limits on public and private transportation made it difficult to travel and reach the communities they serve.

Despite these challenges, Pastor Rambuai shared with us a story of a young woman who found Jesus during the pandemic. A young man from his congregation had met her, and over time, the two became close. He shared his beliefs with her, telling her about his personal relationship with Jesus. 

After some time, she came to Pastor Rambuai asking to be baptised! She was baptised in the river and, soon after, she and the young man were married. Seeing a new soul come to faith and be baptised brought great joy to the church.

Pastor Rambuai also gave her a gift upon her baptism. A songbook and a Bible — in her own language! Over many years, Christians in Bandarban have worked to translate the Bible into Mru, and share it with those around them. There are now Mru pastors and preachers who are sharing the gospel to people, and some are hearing for the first time.

They are able to do this with the help of supporters like you. In 2020, 124 people came to Christ through the Bandarban Hills Churches of Christ. In 2021, they hope to see 200 people baptised by the church.

When you give to Walk for Hope, you’re enabling the ministry of churches like the ones in the Bandarban Hills. You’re helping their preachers persevere in the face of these challenging circumstances.

You’re spreading hope to the most remote reaches of Bangladesh, through our family in Christ.

“We thank God for the opportunity to serve the Lord. And our humble request to pray for the Mru community to have adequate Bibles and songbooks for the new souls, and for all.”

—Pastor Rambuai

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