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"Ni" Cultural Awareness Workshop on Noongar Country

Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Ngaama Ministries, with the support of Indigenous Ministries Australia, conducted a Cultural Awareness Workshop at Riverview Church, WA, on May 14. The training is called "Ni" which means "listen" in the Noongar language. The workshop was wonderfully facilitated by Whadjuk Noongar Yorga, Dena Gower and Keren Masters (from Moorditj Keila) and featured a time of sharing from members of the Stolen Generation.
There were 21 participants on the day, with representatives from churches, Christian NGOs, mission organisations and Christian schools. There were many positive reflections about the day as participants learned about the truth of Australia's recent history and challenged social stereotypes and cultural myths. 

Some of the participants’ responses included:

"Thank you so much. Just loved the workshop."

"Thank you for choosing to serve us in this way. It means a lot and we treasure what has been shared. We met some Australian heroes today." 

A previous workshop participant also expressed their gratitude for the training:

"I felt so privileged to be able to attend the Ni Cultural Awareness Workshop organised and put together by Dena Gower and Keren Masters. It has definitely enlarged my understanding of the history of Australia and the plight of the Aboriginal people for centuries. I highly recommend this workshop for pastors and church leaders, teachers and the wider community. Thank you, Dena and Keren, for opening your heart to us and sharing your faith journey." 

The workshop covers the following topics: Pre-colonisation: Aboriginal culture and lifestyle; the impact of colonisation; the consequences of unresolved trauma; the differences between Aboriginal and Western worldviews and the way forward towards healthy relationships and partnerships. 

Another Ni Workshop is scheduled to be hosted at Lifestreams Church (Perth) on Monday June 28, so please book early via Eventbrite to avoid disappointment, as tickets go quickly.

To find out about future workshops or to arrange a tailored workshop for your church, Christian organisation or school in the Perth region, please contact Colin Battersby via email: colinb@gmp.org.au

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