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Afghanistan Appeal

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

In response to the rapidly deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, GMP is partnering with Action by Churches Together (ACT) Alliance to provide accommodation and supplies to people who have fled the violence.

Families have hurriedly left their homes, bringing little with them. They are sheltering in camps that are cramped, unsanitary and lack even the most basic medical facilities. Many displaced families and communities have taken refuge in temporary settlements in Kabul, Herat and Nangarhar. Each settlement accommodates more than 1000 families. With as many as ten people living in one or two rooms in huts, these uprooted individuals and families cannot practice social distancing.

The lack of access to safe water facilities is forcing them to travel long distances to obtain water. Most Internally Displaced Persons living in these settlements and camps have not received any personal protective equipment such as face masks or sanitisers, nor has information been circulated to raise awareness of COVID-19.

Your gift to the GMP Afghanistan Appeal will help provide food, shelter, and medical and sanitation supplies for people impacted by the upheaval in Afghanistan. This will also include people sheltering in Pakistan.

These supplies will be dispersed through our trusted ACT Alliance partners who are well placed to distribute support and care for those in need.

Situations such as this can leave us feeling helpless. Through your support, we can directly help people in dire circumstances. Please give now to help those affected by this unrest. You can give potentially lifesaving accommodation and supplies to people in need. www.gmp.org.au/AfghanistanAppeal

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