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50 Years Without Water

Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Mrs. Kufa has been living in her village for nearly 50 years. She lives with her husband and their four grandchildren. The Kufa’s own children live and work on their own homesteads (a small holding of land). At each homestead, they farm their own vegetables to eat and to sell. And until last year, they did not have clean, safe water close to their homes.

Mrs. Kufa had to walk almost  three kilometres to a nearby dam to collect water. Enough water for everyone in the family to drink. Enough water for them to wash up. Enough water for them to grow the crops they farm for food and money. So much water, carried by hand, every day for nearly 50 years…

But thankfully, just last year, the Showers of Blessings Trust came to her village and installed a borehole! Mrs. Kufa has a water source close to her home now, which gives clean, safe water to her and her grandchildren!

“The closeness of the water point…is good, as I am old,” Mrs. Kufa said to us. “The water project is important as it has opened up other opportunities.”

More people are able to grow vegetables at home. Previously, the distance from water made farming unsustainable for many people. They had to rely on vegetables grown by the people closer to the dam.

With more farming happening, people are able to earn more money selling their vegetables. This has allowed them to pay for essentials like clothes and blankets, medicine, and paying school fees for kids like Mrs. Kufa’s grandchildren!

The increase in farming has also put more money into the community. Construction is booming, and more people, including Mrs. Kufa’s children, have been able to build their own houses.

The borehole also helps with hygiene and sanitation. With water more easily accessible, people can keep clean and help prevent transmissible disease from spreading — including COVID-19.

“For grandchildren washing and bathing has become easier,” Mrs. Kufa says. What a relief for her, that her grandchildren can grow up in a cleaner and safer place!

Mrs. Kufa is hopeful for the future of their village. “The water project is important,” she says. “It has opened up other opportunities to plan other things at household or village level.”

There are many other women like Mrs. Kufa in Zimbabwe. They still carry heavy loads of water for kilometres every day. Struggling to get enough water for their families. Hoping that nobody will get sick if the water isn’t clean enough.

Your help can change their lives. Your support of Safe Water September builds boreholes in Zimbabwe. You give life-changing safe water to people in desperate need! You are easing the burden of women like Mrs. Kufa, and giving their children and grandchildren a cleaner, safer future.

“Without water there is no change,” Mrs. Kufa says. “We need to do more projects using water.”

Showers of Blessing Trust's (OSBT) project is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

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