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What Does it Mean to Be the Light?

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

What does it mean to be the light to people around you? What does it look like to walk with Jesus in your daily life?

These are some questions that we may have considered in our journey as Christians. For us in Australia, we may have some idea of what that looks like. But in other countries around the world, does it look the same way?

BJ Mpofu is a leader of the Churches of Christ in Zimbabwe. You may have heard him speak when he was out in Australia last September and October. 

While he was with us, we sat down and talked with him about what it means to be the light to others in Zimbabwe.

BJ works closely with their team of evangelists, and he considers sharing the Gospel to be the central focus of our work as Christians. So, for him, it is important to make sure people have the opportunity to hear what God has to say.

“Any other work must build off from the main thing, and the main thing is the message of Christ to the people,” BJ explains. “Growing the church, and ensuring that our people grow in an environment where they know Jesus Christ too. To live a relational life with Christ is my desire, my passion.”

Through his passionate work, BJ has seen the difference it makes in a community when they have the opportunity to see the light of God through people around them!

“When people grow up with many Christians in an area, they become the mila, the light, of that community. All life is better when Christ is a part of what is happening in that area.”

He pauses to think for a moment.

“You know, for me, the most important thing for anybody who is Christian, is to understand that your faith is nothing unless you get to a situation where you share it with others. That sharing might be through prayer, might mean sharing the few resources you have, and always thinking about what else you can do to bring a difference in the life of those you encounter.”

“Sometimes you live with people and never bother to know who they are and whether they are in the church or not. But to always think that you know, if we can pray for them, work with them, find a way of sharing the living Christ with them, that would be great.”

There truly is a power in sharing the light of Christ with people. Not just at church, but in our daily walk of life. Through prayer, through charity and volunteering, through being with others. 

That’s why this year, we’re taking a different focus with Walk For Hope. Instead of asking you to walk to church, we are challenging you to consider how you can be the light to others around you! What can you do in your daily walk to show the light of Christ through your actions?

Even if it’s difficult, it’s important for us as Christians to really consider what our actions say and mean.

“The challenge for today’s Christian is that we cannot just sit, and go to church, read our own Bibles, and keep it to ourselves,” BJ says. 

“This faith is as alive as we are prepared to share. And “Walk For Hope” is one of the ways you can do that. Because you do touch people when you do an activity for Christ. That’s the best I can advise fellow Christians to do in our world today.”
We are preparing to send resources out to churches who want to participate in Walk For Hope in March. If your church is interested, email us at info@gmp.org.au or contact your State Partnership Coordinator. State contact details can be found on our website here.

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