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The Life-Changing Light in Zimbabwe

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

When BJ Mpofu visited Churches of Christ in Australia late last year, he told us about a village in rural Zimbabwe. They had no schools, and no community buildings. They wanted somebody to reach out to them.

That’s when a local village councillor heard about the work the Motorbike Evangelists were doing. They weren’t just coming to preach and convert — they were coming to help build up communities. They helped fill the needs of the people, spiritually and physically.

BJ says that this councillor reached out to him, asking for them to send somebody to the village.

“He had heard a story of what we were doing, and he invited us to go and open a new preaching point there,” BJ explains.

“So our guys went to see him, they saw the top men, and the chief of the area, and they said ‘We are going to open a church.’ 

“The councillor said, “Set a date, and we will encourage our people to go there.” I’m told there was a very big crowd on the day and, when the preaching was done, 50 people offered their lives to the Lord.”

BJ grins a bit as he continues. “But going to baptise 50 was a tall order. You’d spend a whole day waiting for one man to do it. So we had three people in the water, baptising at the same time. Once again what a special, special occasion it was, to welcome 50 people into the body of Christ at the same time.”

How incredible! For one new church to change the lives of 50 people, just like that! The light that the motorbike evangelists brought has not stopped spreading. The spiritual needs of the village were being filled, and their lives changed through that.

The church shared the good news of Jesus, and the evangelists are also showing the light of Jesus by caring for the community, and helping connect them to other service.

“That’s possible because Australia is assisting us reach out to our people, preach to them, and offer the message of the living Christ in each community,” BJ explains. “The motorcycle is one of the most important instruments that you can give for evangelists.”

“When you give an evangelist a motorcycle, you know, an evangelist does not deal with one preaching point. He will operate a preaching point here, then move to the next one. So when he has that bike, he is able to conduct a service here, and then ride his bike to go to three churches, three communities, in one day. So when you provide that bike, it makes such a vast difference.”

When you support Walk For Hope, you are helping equip the evangelists in Zimbabwe reach more communities. You are helping spread the word of God to more communities who want to know about God. You are also enabling the church reach out and help people in need, by connecting them with ways to access resources that change lives.

Imagine how many more people can have their lives changed by the light of Christ.

Help share the light through by supporting the Motorbike Evangelists today! Find out more at www.walkforhope.com.au

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