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Star Became a Shining Light to Children in Zimbabwe

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

When Star’s mother passed away in 2006, she and her siblings were left alone on the streets of Zimbabwe. Their father had abandoned them years ago, and no other relatives would care for them. Their day-to-day life was a struggle.

Eventually, with the help of a school teacher, they were given a place at the Khayelihle Children’s Village (KCV). As a nervous 14-year-old, Star's feelings about life at KCV were mixed. She was excited to stay with her siblings, but the idea of starting a new life in an unfamiliar environment was overwhelming. “It was so hard for me to adjust and adopt their whole system of doing things.” Star explained.

Being born into a Christian home, Star learned from her prayerful mother about trusting in God and living life according to His will. While she had suffered tragedy, and struggled to adjust to her new surroundings at first, her hope in Christ was reignited. “I was young, but I believe I had Christian values and morals that were suitable for that age. After a few months of living at KCV, I decided to give my life to Christ,” Star said.

“What pushed me into doing so was the idea that it could only be God who had brought me and my siblings to KCV. I then made a promise to serve Him and thank him for the rest of my life. I always think that if it were not for KCV, my life could have not been like what it is today. I am who I am because I found favour in the eyes of the Lord, and His mercies and grace are sufficient for me.”

Star says that attaining an education and having a relationship with Christ is what has brought the greatest change and joy to her life. Without the support of her KCV family, and the support of people like you, she doesn’t believe this would have been possible. With the ongoing encouragement of her teachers, carers and sponsors, Star began to realise that she was fearfully and wonderfully made, with unique gifts and capabilities.

“I realised the potential that I had inside me while I was at KCV, having the ability to lead other children at youth groups and serving in church. I was appointed as a Prefect and Head Girl of the school at high school. It was very challenging, but it taught and encouraged me so much.”

Star said she was given the opportunity to improve herself through various experiences and responsibilities at KCV. Her self-confidence grew, as did her English, and her relationship with Christ. When she finished high school, she knew it was time to move out and face the world as an adult. She pursued a degree in Media and Society Studies, but Zimbabwe’s poor economic climate made it difficult for her to find work.

Star later found work that allowed her to use her heart for coaching and changing lives of children in orphanages and poor communities. She says that growing up at KCV formed her character and encouraged her eagerness to serve her community.

“I want to be a symbol of hope to those who are about to give up on life. I want to live my life in a way that transforms other people for the kingdom of God,” she said.

Star hopes to continue working to establish an organisation that will help Africa’s most vulnerable children, giving them the kinds of opportunities that she was given at KCV.

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