2020 News

Be the Light

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

I was in Year 12, on a school holiday kayaking trip on the Goulburn River.  We became caught in a storm.  A gum tree fell and landed on our kayaks, just missing our tents. Our leaders decided that we needed to evacuate. So in the middle of the night we headed out. 

It was raining with no moonlight, and the fields were muddy. Our torches struggled to light the way. We really had no idea where we should go. After crossing fences and stumbling along in the mud, we saw a light. It gave us direction and hope. It became a place of grace and shelter. A dozen muddy boys and their leaders were given a place to sleep and dry out.

We experience dark and stormy times, both corporate and personal. People and communities are marginalised. The impact of violence and abuse is real for far too many. So many are directly impacted by disaster, fearful of the pandemic and overwhelmed by climate change.  We also struggle through personal crises, failure and family fractures. In the face of darkness we can despair.

Jesus says “I am the light of the world” – and he also says to his disciples (us) “you are the light of the world.”. 

This gift of light, no matter how small it seems, gives hope, direction and grace in darkness and despair. This reality is true whether the darkness is physical, emotional or physical.  

Jesus connects who he is with who we are to be. We are light due to our deep and personal experience of Jesus bringing light to us. This light of Jesus brings power, healing and grace. Our being the light is a natural next step based on our experience of Jesus.  

Being the light is not about behaviour – it is the result of us having our lives lit by the love, grace and forgiveness of Jesus.

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