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A Framework for Fresh Water

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Amon, a man from Navuti Community who evacuated Ambae after the volcanic eruption, sits in the community building constructed in their new home on Esperitu Santo. The framework of the building is also the necessary framework for clean, safe water for their community. The building isn’t complete yet, but they have plans for it.

Amon says, “When we came here, the first couple of weeks, of course there was no water on the site. So, we had to travel about 30 minutes’ walk. We would have buckets, biscuit containers, water containers. So, we used those, we were able to carry them with water. If people had the money, they could hire transport, to bring the water up for them.”

This continued until the Vanuatu Government installed two water tanks in neighbouring villages, “We still have to travel 5-10 minutes (to the neighbouring village) to fetch the water every day.”

Thanks to the supporters like you, Amon’s community received their own water tank. “We’ve had this 1,100-litre water tank sitting here, which has been donated,” Amon says. “So we really appreciate that, it makes life easier. Of course, we use the water tank that has been donated for drinking, we catch the rainwater from the roof. The water pumped up from the ground to the two tanks, we use that for washing and cooking.” 

Amon looks over his shoulder, and gestures behind him, “What you see here, this is half of the building. We want to convert this building into a multi-purpose building. We would fund the completion of this building.”

“The other half, I would like to do a proposal. This is my own personal thinking, maybe we would include a water tank, so we can collect rainwater from the roof, down the spout into the water tank. The two builders, I’ve asked them to do a quotation for the half-building, so I can have the proposal written.”

Amon’s proposal includes a larger, in-ground water tank – big enough that it would fill the needs of the community. They would no longer have to travel to the nearby village for any of their water needs. 

“If we have the building completed, we have the other half completed, we have the gutters on both sides, there are no problems. During the rainy season, we’d have no problem filling the water tank we are going to build."

Before they had this half-building, Navuti could only collect water from five sheets of iron roofing. This was less efficient, and took a lot longer to fill their water needs. With the new framework they are building, their need for safe water will be met.

“Having water on site will make it easy for vulnerable groups,” says Amon. “You can get it in small quantities, easy access.”

When you take part in Safe Water September this year, you are helping people like Amon build up the framework of their communities. You are giving them the resources they need to have safe water close to home. 

“I would like to say thank you, to GMP, COCOA, for all the assistance that has been given.”

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